lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

2016 - Miyako Jima Exibition

Lea . Miyako Jima Exibition
2015- Carla and Lilith Dracus.

Original Mesh Japanese inspired enviroment.

Pieces and Gifts available on Market place

Hunter Games -  A hunter it´s available to play in the sim, have to find 
red little boxes that will give you free goodies related to the sim.

Kimono Museum

Visit our Kimono Museum with some of the best pieces on sl history.

Role Play- Are you  a Samurai? maybe a Geisha or a Monk?

The sim is open to play around

Relax and Inspiration- Find your place to chill.

Scenics arts and activities, The Ochaya , red building
will old weekle dance passes, with sl Geishas and

Reproducing Real enviroment- Click the plaquets in each building to get it´s

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