viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2015

Particle Class


This is the particle class from the Uni of arts , related to create a second life dance performance.

1- Individual particles ( effects ) One of the options is to get individual particles from market place or other sources for example visit the particle station or type Particles in the market place searh, make sure they are mod and copy so you can linkset them to your sets or add rezzer scripts .
example ---

2- Particle Hud
A particle Hud like the one we are using, would help you develop your own particles in real time this means you be able to change from a effect to another while the performance is going, creating different effects is highly recommended.

. 􀀁

Practice and homework - Go to the Uni, get for free the stage template , and the particle class, create something with it, and show it to some of our staff. Thank you

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