domingo, 28 de junio de 2015

Blue Velvet Black Magic

University of Scenics arts in Second Life project


Welcome to our blog ,

The University of scenics arts in Second Life is a space for show art, with a permanent exibition of young artist,  the instalations will also have a Learning space, on how to make a dance show in Sl, from building a set, making a choreography, animations ...

But most important , part of the instalations are a open air auditorium where diferent troupes and professionals of Second life, will perform, dance shows and even give a "Class Talk" to share their knowledge.

Please Join our inworld group to get the notices of our Auditorium Openings , Classes and Meetings.


For info on how to teach a class, or join the Uni as student please visit the inworld "Info Office" 

We plan to start the classes in September but Auditorium Openings may start earlier in August.

Friday 4th September - Particle control class.

Friday 11th September -Set Building Class.

- Basic animations and dance huds class.

-Marketing class (Bring audience).

-Philosophy of the digital dance show.

- Spot on choreography system class ( advance ).

- Director
-Formation Hud