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Miyako Jima Basic Rules.


Miyako is a place for relax and education, do not disturb it´s peace.

No pushing, no jumping into scenes, No beg, No breaking into other players Role-Play. Not sitting inside buildings to break in.

G area means is for all ages, Adult is not allow, all the players have agreed to cut down if adults bits.
For example a Geisha would be artist and entertainer,
She dance, she serve tea but Adults part that may be related in real life don t exist here, we ignore it, we skip it.

We only interested in the educational Part.

It´s not a dating place so rather don t ask the players about their real info or picture, everyone is equal here, and a avatar for roleplay it´s mean to be a character.

0 tolerance for criticism , discrimination, insults or unhelpful reviews.

Part of the exhibition it´s the roleplay, people build up their story in this village, for their reason you may find them in class, or doing any of the mini games.

For roleplay we follow  a order, each player has a turn, it goes on a round that each turn a player can write down their lines.

In- Character mood- Means people has build up a character like when playing a role in a theater, they are playing the role of their character, that´s why their real info dosent matter. Your character is the new You.

For example asking someone "where are you from in real life?
Would be Out of character - Means it dosent matter, if they play to be a Monk we treat them as such .

Thank you .

Role play Basics-

Emoting is a big part of our life here.

We use emoting when we walk on the streets, when we do a show, tea ceremonies, when we are in the ochaya and when we are among friends even. Its all about immersion, and the illusion of being in character...and what that character means to each of us as individuals

This is an ideal class for those who not know how to emote or how to emote well yet.

Now you know that the trigger to emote is by typing /me and then the emote.

For example....

 /me smiles brightly at her sisters.

The reason we use emotes is to show the people what we do even if we don’t actually do it.
Because if we don't emote, and RP, even if it's just a little....we reduce ourselves to pure ambition, and loose the idea of immersion in our character. Immersion is one way we learn the spirit of Geisha, immersion by acting, however, that's not to say we can let our hair down, and just have fun

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